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Bodor Laser

       Hitech Machinery Sales, Inc is proud to represent the complete line of Bodor Laser machines in Illinois and throughout the United States.

      Bodor Laser is the number one high quality laser manufacturer in Asia. They operate the largest monomer laser cutting equipment production workshop in the world at more than 300,000 sq ft (30,000 square meters). Production meets European standards and international quality control guidelines, including certificates such as CE/FDA/ISO9001/SGS etc.

      Bodor lasers include top of the market equipment features. Machines are equiped with lasers between 1,000 and 40,000 W. All machines are manufactured with a cast iorn bed to prevent warping or deformation for the lifetime of the machine. Other features include auto focus laser heads, automatic nozzle changers, advanced touch controls, and Bodor's independently developed proprietary operating system. Bodor lasers are suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steal, aluminum, copper and alloy metal materials.

      Bodor laser products have been sold in more than 150 countries. With a service center located in Schaumburg, IL, Bodor offers top quality service locally to our customers in Illinois. They also offer 24/7 online support in 16 languages.

      Whatever type of laser you are in the market for, Bodor has you covered.

P Series

Bodor P Series Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

Sheet Laser Cutting Machines

      Bodor's P Series are completely enclosed sheet laser cutting machines designed to improve work efficiency with better rigidity and high accuracy cutting. Features include: auto focus laser heads, two automatic exchange platform systems, a cast iron bed, touch screen control with double HD cameras, automatic nozzle changers, full protective covers, a wireless remote control handle and more.

T Series

Bodor T Series Laser Tube Cutting Machines

Laser Tube Cutting Machine

      The T Series laser tube cutting machine offers a maximum cutting diameter 30% larger than competetors on the market and a larger weight capacity than any other available machine. Features include: BodorPro four-sided edge seeking function for more accurate pipe fittings, a fully automatic electric chuck, a UI design touch control, and more.

P-T Series

Bodor P-T Series Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machines

      Bodor's P-T Series combines the high capactiy T Series tube cutting capabilities with the P series sheet cutting capabilites to make high quality and multifunctioning laser cutting machines.

      That is just the beginning of what Bodor has to offer. If you need laser cutting, Bodor has the machine for you. For more information on Bodor Laser products, including on machine series not listed here, please call us at (630) 443-7865.

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