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We offer a wide selection of Resin Tanks, Filters and Coupons for all machines & applications.

New #1035 with Virgin Resin
New #835 with Virgin Resin
Virgin Bulk Resin
Virgin Dayton Bags
Virgin Ebbco Bags
Resin Elect Virgin Golden
Ebbco Resin Bag
Dayton Virgin Resin Bag
Resin Electrotools Exchange Program

#1035 DI Cells
#1035 Tank Regeneration
#830CH DI Regeneration
#830 DI Regeneration
#835 DI Cells
#835 Tank DI Regeneration
#944 DI Regeneration
Bulk Resin Regeneration
Christ DI Regeneration
Dayton Bag Regeneration

For available sizes and pricing, give us a call at (630) 443-7865 and we will be happy to give you a quote.

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Hitech Machinery Sales, Inc purchases used machinery and tooling.

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For more information on any of Hitech's products or to place an order, please contacts us.

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