BLM Adige Lasertube LT8 Tube Cutting Laser

BLM Adige Lasertube LT8 Tube Cutting Laser

Stock Number: 7032

BLM Lasertube LT8

Age: 2012

Condition: As Is, Where Is

BLM LT8 - 3D laser cutting machine with tilting head With the LT8, high-quality angular cuts can be achieved. It guarantees precision, without sacrificing high productivity and flexibility when processing round, square, triangular, I-beam and other special shapes. The standard laser cutting head configuration of the LT8.20 has a tilting axis ( 45) which makes it possible to do chamfers and other complex cutting patterns. Tilt cutting is particularly useful for making weld prep cuts in thick walled tubes or for accessing difficult to reach locations in open or special sections.

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Laser35 - 3500W
Tube Diameter Range0.5" - 8.5"
Square Tube Range0.5" - 8"
Rectangular Tube Range0.5" - 8"
Autoloader Length Range8'2" - 27'10"
Minimum Bar Load Length for Auto Loading8.2"
Maximum Bundle Weight8,800 lbs
Maximum Tube Weight27 lbs/ft
Maximum Unload Length11'1"
Finished Part Unloader21'3"
Front Unload Parts ConveyorUp to 19"
Maximum Bar Weight30 lb/ft
Voltage480v, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
System DimensionsL 60' x W 22.5' x H 8.5'
Machine DimensionsL 49.25' x W 22.5' x H 8.5'
Weight47,400 lbs

Equipped With:
* Siemans 840D CNC Control * Rofin Sinar 3.5KW CO2 Laser Resonator * 3D Tilting/Bevel Cutting Head * Precitec DS 1.5" Focusting Unit * Automatic Bundle Loader For 8' to 21' 10" Tubes * Front Manual Single Bar Loading * Auto Finished Part Unloader * Small Parts Conveyor Up to 19" Long * Scrap Conveyor * Remote Online Diagnosis * High Speed Piercing w/Booster Pulse * Weld Seam Detector * Open Shapes Capability * Donaldson Torit Dust Collector * Closed Loop Dimplex Chiller * Rear Scrap Conveyor


BLM Adige Lasertube LT8 Tube Cutting Laser
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