Current EDM RT6050 5-Axis CNC Hole Driller w/Siemens Control

Current EDM RT6050 5-Axis CNC Hole Driller w/Siemens Control

Stock Number: 1459

Current RT6050

Age: 2012

Condition: As Is, Where Is

Current EDM manufactures the finest EDM hole drillers in the world. Used in applications such as aerospace, medical, aircraft and automotive, they are known for excellent build quality combined with the best in EDM technology to drill in the most demanding applications.

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X-Axis Travel60"
Y-Axis Travel50"
Z-Axis Travel16"
Work -W60"
Theta Axis Travel+/- 75 Deg
Workable Size60" x 50"
Work Envelope36" D x 25" H
Max. Part Height36" w/2" Long Guide
Table Resolution0.0000390"
Max. Workpiece Weight1,000 lbs
Electrode Diameter Range w/o AEC.004" - .256"
Electrode Diameter Range w/AEC.012" - .118"
Max. Electrode Length16"
Min. Electrode Length2.75"
Max. Flo Rate1.0 Gal/min
Machining Amps57 Peak
Auto Electrode Changer24 Positions
Number of Drill Chucks24
Collets/Sizes12 each x 0.020"
Electrical Requirement208VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Compressed Air Required70-90 PSI
Machine Dimensions114" x 110"
Machine Weight12,000 lbs

Equipped With:
* Siemens 840D CNC Controller * Nikken CNC321 R/T 4th & 5th Axis Rotary Table * System 3R Macro Chuck on Rotary Table * Programmable Guide Axis-Programmable Height Adjustment of Spindle * AEC 24 Position Automatic Electrode Changer * Full Machine Tool Guarding * Stainless Steel Support for Rotary Table * High Pressure Flushing Pump * Ebbco Water Dielectric Unit * Ozone Generator * All Available Manuals and Accessories


Current EDM RT6050 5-Axis CNC Hole Driller w/Siemens Control
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