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Part Number Desciption
EDM-1011-5 Ebbco Makino Cartridge EC3025 to 7050 each (1/Case)
EDM-1312-QD Ebbco Makino Cartridge ECQ53, SC32 each (2/Case)
EDM-1312-QDF Ebbco Fanuc C Series Cartridge each (2/Case)
EDM-1318F-UF Ebbco Fanuc Alpha Series Cartridge each (2/Case)
EDM-285-Z Ebbco 21 Cartridge, Triple Length 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7292
EDM-614 Ebbco Cartridge AgieCharmilles - No Jacket each (6/Case)
EDM-614-5 Ebbco Cartridge AgieCharmilles - Double Length each (4/Case)
EDM-614-J Ebbco Cartridge AgieCharmilles - Metal Jacket each (6/Case)
EDM-623-1 Ebbco Cartridge for CEDM-623-SB 1 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-623-15 Ebbco Cartridge for CEDM-623-SB 5 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-623-5 Ebbco Cartridge for CEDM-623-SB 5 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-729-15 Ebbco Cartridge for CEDM-729-SB 15 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-729-5 Ebbco Cartridge for CEDM-729-SB 5 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-801-Z Ebbco 21 Cartridge, 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7188
EDM-8614-Z Ebbco 6" x 1-1/4" x 14" Plastic End Cap each (4/Case) F00290
EDM-HR-924-5 Ebbco Small Hole Cartridge for EDM-924-LP each (2/Case)
EDM-HR-930-5-2 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7176
EDM-HR-930-P5-2 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7190
EDM-HR-930-Q.35 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 0.35 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-HR-930-Q10 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 10 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-HR-930-Q20 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 20 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-HR-930-Q5 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7189
EDM-HR-930-QC1 Ebbco Cellulose Hurricane Cartridge 1 Micron each (2/Case) FS7174
EDM-HR-930-QP1 Ebbco Polyester Hurricane Cartridge 1 Micron each (2/Case)
EDM-HR-930-QZ Ebbco Cellulose Hurricane Cartridge 5 Micron each (2/Case) FS7173
EDM-HR-STORM-5 Ebbco Small Hole Cartridge for EDM-STM-LP each (2/Case)
EDM-SC-930-Q5 Ebbco 150 Polyester Cartridge each (2/Case) FS7178
EDM-SC-930-QZ Ebbco 150 Cellulose Cartridge each (2/Case)

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